Decoder Applications



  • Hidden Image Technology printed into your Circular or FSI
  • Value offers, discounts and/or instant-win messaging can be included in the promotion
  • The LithoDecoder provides a highly attractive and engaging device to bring consumers into retail location
  • The hidden image technology can be licensed and potentially printed by your existing print vendors
  • We provide counter-top, floor or attachable POP to allow customers to decode their LithoDecoder circulars or FSI in the retail location
  • Customers simply place the printed LithoDecoder circular or FSI behind the  decoding display and the messages are instantly revealed
  • Creates a fun and interactive promotional element to your marketing campaign


MobiDecoder™ Game Piece



VirtualDecoder™ Application


  • VirtualDecoder requires no printed pieces for the promotion
  • Promotion is communicated to clients via home page, TV, Radio, direct mail, etc.
  • Consumer completes registration detail and is forwarded to VirtualDecoder game play page
  • Once the consumer has completed their registration detail, the VirtualDecoder Game piece is delivered on-screen
  • The participant positions the VirtualDecoder card over the hidden message to reveal their prize award or value offer