B2B Direct Mail

Our Expertise in New Account Acquisition & Lead Generation Direct Mail

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your company. I don’t know your company’s products. I don’t know what your company stands for. I don’t know your company’s customers. I don’t know your company’s reputation. Now – what was it you wanted to sell me?”
"Keeping the sales pipeline full is one of the biggest challenges any sales organization can face."

Many businesses invest a good portion of  their marketing budget in appointment generation. Why? Because it works! There is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to-face meeting. The likelihood of closing a sale dramatically increases when you consult with a prospect face-to-face.

A good appointment generation strategy will allow your sales team to spend more time in front of your potential clients, closing deals, and less time office bound dealing with administrative tasks.

Why It's Needed


  • Need 10%-20% new accounts per year to grow business and make up for normal account attrition
  • Your sales reps are competing with 20-60 other sales reps (even from different industries) for an appointment with your buyer
  • Sales reps need help because cold-calling is like doing your worst chore every day
  • Flat direct mail gets 1% response and promotional product direct mail gets 20%-40% appointment success
  • Post-program effect should double the ROI

New Account Acquisition

One of the most effective ways to introduce your products to new prospective customers is to offer an incentive for attending a demonstration or in-office sales call.

Meet with me and get a chance to win a Harley. Plus you get a Harley Cap.

Consider that cash rewards are not traceable, non-secure and inconvenient - while a gift card is traceable, secure and convenient, and gains mindshare for your company as well.

Add in an online survey to learn more about prospects' buying patterns and you have a marketing tool with unrivalled value!

  • Multi-functional appointment generation campaign
  • Customized invitation with debit/gift card or gift as an incentive to generate appointments
  • Customized by sales rep for each meeting and location
  • Mail timing is determined by the sales rep - customized to their schedule and individual prospect lists
  • Collect data from prospects on the website via a custom online survey
  • Use data collected for future marketing efforts
  • Email marketing permission is gained
  • Data collected may be analyzed for future product offerings and/or customer service issues
  • Create Sales
  • Reward for demonstration and/or trial
  • Reward for ongoing loyalty

Our Expertise Sales Presence & Brand Building

Most salespeople have large geographic territories which may limit their abilitiy to visit key accounts regularly. The customer is making buying decisions daily, weekly or monthly. As a result you are out of sight and out of mind. The solution is our Sales Presence Direct Mail Campaign that that is built around a continuity creative platform. The case studies shown above are examples of this.

Comparing Effectiveness: Traditional Ad vs. Direct Mail

First let's look at the Traditional Ad:

  • Shot Gun Approach
  • AD’s get less than 1% Response
  • AD’s have less than a 10 second recall if seen at all
  • ROI Analysis Example
    • Cost of ¼ Page Ad: $15K x 12 of Months = $180,000
    • Creative Cost: Copy + Graphics = $4,000 x 12 = $48,000
    • Total Cost: $228,000
    • Readers: 25,000 x 1% = 250 Leads
    • Cost Per Lead: $912.00
    • Note: 70% of all leads are not followed up on (Trade Show Exhibitors Association)
    • Hot Leads:15% or 37, Warm Leads: 15% or 37, Info Leads: 70% or 176
    • Clients Average Sale Value: $20,000
    • Lead to Sales Rate: 10 to 1 (PPI), Total Qualified Leads 74
    • Total Sales: $140,000
    • ROI: Negative-Spent $228,000 Got $140,000 Sales

Next, let's look at Direct Mail:

  • Spend 50% on AD and 50% on DDM
  • DDM Budget: $90,000
  • Target 1,000 Businesses
  • 30% Appt. Rate: 300 Appts.
  • 30% Proposal Rate: 90 Proposals
  • 30% Win Rate: 30 Sales
  • New Sales: $600,000
  • ROI: 6:1 First Year
  • ROI: 12:1 Second Year
  • Plan: 3 Part DDM, Budget $90 per Name, $30 per Mailing